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What is a Domain Name
A domain name is a fully unique identifier for an internet site; a domain name contains two or more parts separated by dots, such as "yourwebsite.com.” The portion before the dot identifies the unique name of your site, while the second part identifies its origin or type -- for example, ".com" is a commercial site, while ".us" is a site in U.S.


Why register variations of my domain name?
If the exact domain name you want isn't available, you may want to consider registering an alternative or related variation. This also prevents other people from infringing or capitalizing on your site by registering a name that is similar to yours.


What is a ''blog''?
A web log (or ''blog'') is similar to an online journal. It's largely text-based, so it's easy for anyone to update. Blogs are used to share all types of information, from personal stories and photos to sharing your thoughts on world events. In addition, most blogs allow visitors to post responses to entries and leave feedback for the owner of the site. Overall, a blog is a fast, easy and fun way to establish an online presence



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